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Moxie Legal Support is woman-owned and operated by Jacklyn Kempeny in Jacksonville, FL. She started this business out of a desire to help the general public have affordable access to a legal professional. Her years working in the industry have shaped her into the competent legal professional that she is today. Jacklyn’s passion in life is to guide and provide hope for those who think they are facing the impossible. As a non-attorney, she provides guidance at an affordable rate to help ease an already difficult situation. She steps in and partners with you, explaining the process and preparing the legal documents needed to make your journey smoother.

About Moxie Legal Support

Jacklyn Kempeny started Moxie Legal Support with the goal to simplify the legal document process for people. It is a woman-owned and operated company. Jacklyn has over 12 years of experience in the Legal Industry.

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Our Mission

At Moxie Legal Support, our mission is to help and guide you through the legal process by simplifying it and providing experienced and respectful service.

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